Transylvania County Schools

Please contact your school if you feel your child is a victim of bullying or harassment. Click here for a school contact list

nc- Please click on the flag to view the SCHOOL VIOLENCE PREVENTION ACT which is the NC General Statute regrading bullying in schools.

TCS Please click the TCS logo to view the Transylvania County School Board Policy regarding bullying in our schools.   Please click the logo for more infromation on bullying prevention. DON'T BE A BYSTANDER 


High Schools

All of our High schools have a zero tolerance policy for bullying.  They encourage students to report to a staff member of any actual or suspected bullying so it will be addressed in a timely manner.  Each high school has a commitment to keep bullying from being a disruption to the learning environment.  The staff supervise the students and campus regularly to prohibit bullying behaviors.  As needed, they will refer to the Mediation Center in Brevard which help resolve conflict through a mutual agreement. These services are available at the Meditation Center and onsite at all the schools. Also, through the Freshman Year Experience (FYE) retreats, upperclassmen leaders discuss creating a positive and accepting school.  One of the goals is to empower all the students to respect each person as a unique individual which addresses an intolerance for bullying.

Middle Schools
Both our Middle Schools have Zero Tolerance for bullying, and address bullying and character through their G.R.I.T programs (Growing Responsible, Independent Thinkers). PE does a bullying unit which includes signing a no-bullying pledge.  Both schools do news pieces promoting a bully-free school that coincides with the health unit.  Both schools have students ambassadors that promote and train mediators for a bully-free school.  Counselors hold groups and also are involved with the bully prevention month. Student Council also promotes and and is involved during the month long focus. Each school hosts red ribbon week to encourage students to stay away from drugs, and any form of bullying.
Elementary Schools 
All our elementary schools have a zero tolerance for bullying. School Principals and the SRO visit classrooms throughout the school year and talk to all students about bullying. They inform students about what to do when they are being bullied and to remind students that there is no tolerance for bullying. Guidance counselors teach monthly lessons about character that include activities and classroom instruction. The SRO's reinforces non-bullying character through the D.A.R.E program.