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FY17 Budget Information

The budget has been passed by the legislature and signed by the governor.  It includes an average 4.7% increase for teachers, instructional support, and school-based administrators.  However, the raise varies widely depending on your years of experience.

The budget also includes a 1.5% increase for other employees, plus a .5% bonus to be paid in October.  In general the state did not provided any additional or new funds for instruction for FY17.


0.5% Compensation Bonus

The budget passed by the legislature includes a 0.5% bonus to certain employees.  This FAQ is intended to answer some of the questions about this bonus.  Please click on the link below to access the FAQ.

0.5% Compensation Bonus 


Access Cards

Because of budget constraints we will be charging $5 for any new access cards (after the first one) regardless of the reason.  If you need a new card please remit the $5 fee to your school secretary and we will be happy to provide a new one.


New phones

Each school will have a new phone system when teachers return that will be more functional and less expensive to operate over the long run.  We had several phone systems that were so antiquated we were having trouble finding repair parts.  Your school secretary should be able to give you a 2 minute primer if you’re having trouble with the new system.