Business Services

Welcome to the Transylvania County Schools
Business Services Department

The staff of the Business Services Department manages budgets and finance, payroll, facilities, employee benefits, and other functions for Transylvania County Schools.  Contact us at 884-6173 if you have questions in the following areas:

Norris Barger - Budget, finance, facilities, general questions

Lisa Kimzey - Employee benefits, purchasing

Lisa Osteen - Payroll, benefits

Dawn Anders - Billing, purchasing

Supplement Payment Schedule

To better help you plan and budget your personal finances we have developed a supplement payment schedule that lists supplement type, when it is paid, and how you receive it.  Click here to view the PDF file or print it.

Occasionally we will have questions about combining the supplement pay with regular monthly pay.  When calculating taxes our software will either

    a. combine all income earned for the month, no matter when it is paid, or
    b. calculate federal taxes at 28% and state taxes at 7% on separate checks.

This cannot be changed.  Because the vast majority of employees pay effective rates of less than 28% and 7%, we have chosen to combine payments.

If you would like taxes withheld at a lower rate, you may increase your withholding allowances for the months you receive your supplement.  If you would like to change your withholding allowances, please complete a W-4 or NC-4 at least 2 weeks before payday and submit to the Business Services Department.