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Virtual Snow Day Policy 2016-2017

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RMS Virtual Day(s) Policy


TCS middle school students have been issued a Chromebook. Therefore, middle school teachers will deliver their virtual day plans digitally. We also have made accommodations for students without wi-fi at home. Students will know how  to access needed materials and will be responsible for work completion to receive credit for attendance and classroom grades for Virtual Days. TCS is excited to offer this opportunity to our students again this year.


RMS Virtual Day Guidelines:

  1. Student work is due the FIRST DAY BACK to school after missing  1 or more days due to inclement weather. If one day of school is missed, Day 1 work is due upon return. If two consecutive days are missed, Days 1 and 2 work is due upon return. If three consecutive days are missed, Days 1, 2 and 3 work is due upon return.

  2. There should be few issues to interfere with this process. If there is an unforeseen problem with work completion, the classroom teacher will work with a student on a case by case basis.

  • 1 day late: 10 points off final grade
  • 2 days late: 20 points off final grade
  • 3 days late: 30 points off final grade
  • 4 days late: 40 points off final grade
  • 5 days late: 50 points off final grade
***  NO student work will be accepted after 5 days.***  

No work = absences for snow day(s) and zero(s) for classwork grades.  


Each teacher will prepare approximately 1 hour of classwork for each subject area. Students should read directions carefully before seeking teacher assistance. However, if specific questions arise, teachers will be available in Google classroom or by email on Virtual Days until 3:00 p.m.