Rosman Elementary School

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Cans for Cash!


Hello RES Families!

I just wanted to inform everyone of a new program we are implementing here at Rosman Elementary School called, “Cans for Cash!”  I am starting this program in coordination with the fifth grade to help raise money for the fifth grade Muddy Sneakers program.  This program is currently free for all fifth grade students to participate, but the program itself is not free. The fifth grade teachers and I want to help assure the program can 1) remain free to students and 2) remain at Rosman Elementary.


Muddy Sneakers has been very beneficial for many students, including my two children. I enjoy hearing about their out of classroom and into nature experiences. I also love that the program is local and that our family can visit the same places regularly. It is always interesting when one of my children shares a random fact about lichen, mushrooms, or tree names. My children, like many others, prefer hands on experiences and this program provides that for them.


Cans for Cash is very simple. All you need to do is bring in your aluminum cans! I will gather the cans once a week and then when there are enough to take to the recycling facility, I will turn the cans into cash. The money will then be donated to Muddy Sneakers. Every penny we earn for cans will go to them. I am donating my time, gas, and storage to help the program. I hope you all will partner with me to not only help keep Muddy Sneakers at Rosman, but also teach our children about recycling and protecting our environment.


I also wanted to mention this is not replacing the Ronald McDonald program. If you are currently saving the can tops for this program, please continue to do so, as now we can recycle the entire can!


If you have any questions about the program, or want to help expand the program, please feel free to contact Scott Strickler by email at or call 828-862-4431.


***We do ask that you do not let children bring cans for donation on the bus. The bin will be located in the common seating area between the library and the entrance of the school. Donations can be made during regular school hours***


Carrie Prado

“Cans for Cash” Parent Coordinator