•  Transylvania County Schools TCS Cycling Club for middle and high school riders

    Our Mission:
    To assist kids in finding a lifelong love of the outdoors through mountain biking, within a supportive community. We are:

    Transylvania County School middle and high school students
    community members
    local businesses

    The program started back in 2008 with one teacher at Brevard High School, another from Rosman High. Both liked to ride and thought it would be great to get some of their students out riding too. Thus TCS Cycling was born!

    Today we are able to accommodate three levels of riders. Some of our club members who caught the "cycling bug" wanted to try their hand at racing, so the club now has a race team component in 2015. In the future, we hope to trickle down to the elementary school for 4th and 5th graders.

    We would also like to put in more volunteer hours to give back to the community.

    The funding for this program comes from donations, sponsorship, and generous people's time. If you would like to be come involved with TCS cycling use the contact links here on our web page.


    The club rides every Thursday in spring and fall. We have 3 levels of rides so everyone can enjoy a ride at the level they want to ride.

    Community partners ride along as well, and school staff is always on hand. Safety training and proper riding etiquette are of primary importance, so we are always prepared for the best possible ride in total safety.

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