• Concussion Protocol


    If a student-athlete exhibits signs and symptoms consistent with a concussion (even if not formally
    diagnosed), the student-athlete is to be removed from play and is not allowed to return to play (game,
    practice, or conditioning) on that day.


    Student-athletes are encouraged to report their own symptoms, or to report if peers may have
    concussion symptoms. Coaches, parents, volunteers, first responders, school nurse, licensed athletic
    trainers (if available), are responsible for removing a student-athlete from play if they suspect a


    Following the injury, the student-athlete should be evaluated by a qualified medical professional with
    training in concussion management. It is strongly recommended that each institution seek qualified
    medical professionals in the surrounding community to serve as resources in the area of concussion


    In order for a student- athlete to return to play without restriction, he/she must have written clearance
    from appropriate medical personnel. The form that should be used for this written clearance is posted
    on this website.


    NCHSAA Return to Play Form

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