• CECAS Frequently Asked Questions
    The table below contains a list of questions and concerns that have been expressed by you as EC Faculty members.  These questions were referred to our Regional Training Consultant.  She took the time to respond to each of your concerns.  You will find her comments in italics and color in the block below the questions.

    The tutorials within CECAS are quite informative, providing step by step directions for completing many of the needed forms for your students.  Please take advantage of these tutorials as we move all our records to this state supported system designed specifically for these records.

    For security reasons, CECAS will automatically log you out of the program after a period of inactivity (ie: you walk away while completing a form without saving).
    Please be sure that you "Save" and "Save" often.

     1 I have 5 meetings this week, so I sat down yesterday to type all of the IEP's into CECAS.  It would not let me type any text into the text boxes.  I tried multiple times and so did Kevin Spradlin.  I thought maybe it was because I have a mac so I tried in VMware and used windows instead.  That did not help at all.  I still had the same problems.  Do you know what is going on?
      If the IEP/DEC4 is still in draft status, the only fields that  are accessible to Case Managers and Non-Case Managers are the Purpose field, Duration From/To fields, Present Level of Performance screen, and OT/PT/SLP Related Services screens. Once the IEP/DEC4 is in Meeting status, all fields are accessible, and only the Case Manager can access the form.
     2 The case manager is not the problem.  What is Meeting Status and how do I put the screen in that mode?
      The reason for having locked fields in various EC forms that are in Draft status is to keep IEP Team members from bringing a completed EC form to the meeting. So, Meeting status is selected when the IEP Team members are actually meeting (for those LEAs/Charters who choose to complete the forms during the meeting), or to open all fields in the form to document information discussed from the meeting. To update the IEP/DEC4 to Meeting status, go to the Purpose, Duration & Profile screen. Select Meeting from the Status field, click Ok, then click the Save button. 
     3 I know that we are using CECAS for our forms now.  Do we (case managers)  have to enter the Transition plans for each student or is Janice able to do this?
      Transition Sections A & B are optional for students under the age 14 or will not be turning age 14 during the course of the IEP - mandatory for students 14 and up. Transition Sections B & C are optional for students under the age 16; mandatory for students age 16 and up. So, if the student is under 14/won't turn 14 during the IEP you can skip the transition sections, even though there are red bold text fields (there are age validations in place that will not require the transition section for students under age 14). If the transition sections need to be documented, only the Case Manager can access these sections in Meeting status.
     4 I am noticing that when doing forms some of the rules that were "Transylvania only" can't be done online.  Example DEC 5 for re-eval determination meetings.  The DPI people had told us that we only needed a DEC 5 when we ended a process, so it is not available on Cecas.  Transylvania chose to do DEC 5's at every meeting.   We'll just have to do those the old way until our rule changes. 
      The DEC5 is a related form to the DEC1, DEC3, IEP/DEC4, and DEC7. You can also add more than one DEC5 as a related form to any of the main forms listed above, if applicable. 
     5 There is a DEC 5 and a DEC 5a form....I'm sorry ...I don't know the differences between the 2 but I'm sure you do.
      The DEC5a is the Disciplinary Change in Placement. This form is a related form to the IEP/DEC4
     6 Are we set up to use CECAS now for all forms?  I have been home with a sick husband since last Thursday and have an IEP due this Thursday.  I have viewed the tutorial and have created the IEP and related forms, but cannot get the invitation to show as a PDF and the words of several lines in the web format are on top of one another.  I am reviewing other training files, but since I still have dial-up at home, downloading the EXE files takes forever.  Any helpful advice?
      It is possible that the internet connection may cause delays in the CECAS application. To view the EC Forms in Preview status, be sure the internet pop-up blocker is turned off, or hold the Ctrl key from the keyboard while you click the Preview button to bypass the internet blocker.
     7 When do we change the Dec 4 from draft status to meeting status?
      Meeting status is available to indicate that the IEP Team is actually meeting. Meeting status is also available to unlock all fields within the form to document it. Only the Case Manager can access the EC form(s) in Meeting status.
     8 I get to the first page of the Dec select the purpose, put in dates etc but it won't let me type in the student strengths box.  Any suggestions?
      Change the form status to Meeting.
     9 I did that but I selected draft to start with right?  When do I change it to meeting, after it is complete?
      It is the LEA's choice of whether to document the EC form in Meeting status during the meeting, or document the EC form in Meeting status after the IEP Team has met.
     10 What is draft status then?
      Draft status is the first available status for all EC forms in CECAS. There are some EC forms that have locked fields in Draft status. The idea is not to complete the entire EC form before the actual meeting is held. The next available status is Meeting status.
     11 I changed it to meeting status and I still can't type in the box.
      Make sure that your name is selected as Case Manager. Also, when you select Meeting from the Status drop list & click OK, also click the Save button.
     12 Sorry but I was able to get to the bottom of the first page and it is frozen again.  Won't let me check the transition box or go to the next page. 
      Be sure to clear cache files - temporary internet files stored on the computer can affect the performance of the CECAS application.
     13 I have attached some screen prints and PDFs of the problems I am having.  The PDF invitation only comes up to print, not a form as shown in the tutorial, and DOES NOT SHOW ALL THE PURPOSES OF THE MEETING I CHECKED. Janice has not been able to do the transition part either.  Can you help?
      The CECAS application is not supported by Mozilla Firefox. You'll need to use Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher or Netscape Navigator 7.0 or higher.
     14 OK...Finally found the avenue to entering transition plans into the CECAS system.  It does take a bit of manipulation, but workable.   At issue is the space allowed.  It will not allow me to enter information as extensively as I have been doing on the hard copies.  Do I pull back and do less, or maintain the info on the hard copies as well as entering abbreviated info into the CECAS system?  (If I have a preference, it is definitely to NOT do both.)
      You can document text beyond the size of the actual text fields on the transition screens. The actual text box will not expand, but you can continue typing & all of the information will be captured in the form. Be sure you're using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, or Netscape Navigator 7.0 or higher
     15 Is there any way to request that CECAS also put the Parent Invitation in the drop down list under EC forms?  I am trying to do some invitations, but am having to go in and start another form, save that, and then look for the invitation as a related form to that form.
    Let me know if I should email that request directly to CECAS.  I know the issue of not having the DEC 5 in the drop down list has already been raised also.  It would be much easier for us if both the DEC 5 and the invitation were listed in the drop down.
    Also, are we supposed to "verify" every form after we've finished it?  I know with the invitation I did earlier today, I tried verifying it.  A pop-up window came up to the effect that forms couldn't be verified if there were mistakes.  It said: the following errors were found:  'no errors found'.  So there were no errors found, but I still couldn't verify it .... ??
      All EC forms in the CECAS application are categorized as main forms and related forms. In order to access the related forms, such as Parent Invitation, you'll need to add a main form first, then add the related form to that main form. The Validate button is in place to view any errors in the form/fields that are left blank. If you see red text on the Errors & Warnings screen (after you click the Validate button), that will prohibit you from being able to Close/Verify the form. If you see black text when you click the Validate button, that will not prohibit you from being able to Close/Verify the form. You definitely want to Close/Verify the EC forms - once you Close/Verify the EC form, the data is archived in the CECAS application. Once you get "No Errors Found", you can go back the 1st screen of the EC form to change the status to Closed/Verified (select Closed/Verified from the Status drop list, then click the Save button).
     16 Not meaning to be contrary...however, I am concerned about compliance here.  As I am entering transition activities, the program will allow me only 3-4 items per category (Sometimes I need 8-10)   When I print the plan, it only shows 2 items max., although via computer screen you may view the other 1-2.  A parent is not going to be able to see what does not print out.What CECAS is allowing goes against my training with drafting transition plans.  Advice?
      Any additional text to be added to the transition screens can be documented on the Comments screen.
     17    DEC 4:  I have filled in all sections that I usually fill in prior to the meeting.  This student only has one reading comprehension goal.  The validation part states that I need "at least two objectives" on the present level of performance...I have one goal with 5 objectives in the benchmark/objectives section.  
      In the Benchmarks & Short Term Objectives section, you need to document the 1st objective, then click the Add button. Then document the 2nd objective & click the Add button. If you document all objectives in the text field at one time & then click the Add button, the application will only see that as one record. When you document the Benchmarks/Short Term Objectives, you must document at least two. Benchmarks/Short Term Objectives are mandatory for students on EXTEND 1 and optional for all other students.
     18 Also...I cannot view the form or print it.  It states "Error. No form selected".  I do not have the pop-up blockers on...I checked that part.  What now?
      Be sure you're using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, or Netscape Navigator 7.0 or higher
     19 DEC 7:  I got everything filled out but...Cannot view or print the form
      Be sure you're using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, or Netscape Navigator 7.0 or higher
     20 DEC 5:  I got everything filled out but...Cannot view or print the form.
      Be sure you're using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, or Netscape Navigator 7.0 or higher
     21 DEC 2:  I was able to print it.  After the parent signs it at the meeting, do I have to go back into CECAS and mark the option that the parent chose??  There was no place to mark the areas that we were going to evaluate...do I circle them on the printed form?  We had been told that the areas had to be marked or we would have to do all of the areas.
      The DEC2 in CECAS is still the PDF version. A Closed/Verified DEC2 does not populate the Consent to Evaluate sections on the Special Ed screen. So, even if you complete the DEC2 in CECAS, you still have to manually update the Consent to Evaluate section on the Special Ed screen. It is the LEA's decision to use the DEC2 form.