• Does it cost anything to be a Cadet in the MCJROTC Program?
    No. All uniforms and required items, to include textbooks, will be provided by the program. With that said, MCJROTC will be hosting fundraising events, as required, in order to allow for extra-curricular items. These might include special unit t-shirts for the Cadets or sponsoring our Cadets to attend MCJROTC Summer programs at a reduced rate. The bottom line is that there will be no mandatory out-of-pocket costs for the families of MCJROTC Cadets.
    I attend Rosman High School. Will I be allowed to join the MCJROTC Unit at Brevard High School? 
    Yes. Although the program is located within the spaces provided by Brevard High School, the Unit is sponsored by Transylvania County and will be available to students of Rosman High School as well. See your school guidance counselor  for information on how to sign up for the course and how to ensure you have transportation to and from Brevard High School.
     How hard is MCJROTC physically? Will I have to run?
    As part of the MCJROTC curriculum, we will conduct physical training (PT) on one day each week. Our focus during PT is on life-long fitness that allows each Cadet to improve upon upper and lower body strength as well as cardiovascular fitness which includes running. Although many Cadets find this to be one of their favorite days, we understand that it can be intimidating to others. Don't let that stop you from joining! We will start each Cadet out with short runs and allow them to build as the year progresses. By the end, you will discover that it wasn't as bad as you expected and may even find that you have overcome a tremendous personal challenge.
    Am I required to join the armed services, such as the Marines, if I take the MCJROTC Leadership Course?
    ABSOLUTELY NOT! This course is being sponsored by Transylvania County in order to develop the leadership abilities and character of our students. There is no obligation to become a Marine and we are not recruiters. If you desire to join the Armed Forces, our staff will help you make an informed decision and ensure you are able to take advantage of the benefits available to those who have completed the MCJROTC course of instruction.
     Who is the perfect candidate for the MCJROTC Program?
    The perfect MCJROTC Cadet is simply a student that  is motivated to succeed in life and wants to make sure they have every tool available to do so. Our program has many different facets that make up the curriculum. Some of these include academics, proper wear of uniforms, physical training, drill, shooting, land navigation, and classroom leadership. This means that most students will find some area that they excel in. On the same note, almost every student will be challenged in some way. For those lucky students that are strong in every area, we are going to put you in a billet where you must lead your own friends and peers in order for the class to succeed. It will be very challenging and also very rewarding. Each and every student can benefit from the MCJROTC Program.
     I have a heavy course load of Honors and AP classes. Is MCJROTC a good elective for me to take?
     Yes! As a student in Transylvania County High Schools, you are fortunate to have numerous great choices for your electives. MCJROTC will provide you with valuable leadership experience that will not only look great on a transcript, but will assist you as you navigate through your post high school life, whether that includes college or not.
    Will I have to cut my hair? 
    All Cadets are required to maintain specific grooming standards while in uniform, which is typically once per week. Female Cadets are not required to cut their hair but must keep it above the collar, typically in a bun if required, while in uniform. Males are required to keep their hair at a zero length at the hairline and then it may taper gradually to a maximum of three inches on top. Once again, this is only while in uniform. Most male Cadets are initially nervous about cutting their hair but quickly realize that the shorter style is both comfortable and attractive. Don't let your hair keep you from trying something great. If you don't enjoy it, the hair will grow back.