• Common Core-Essential Standards Implementation
    NC Standard Course of Study has been completely overhauled and new standards are to be implemented in classrooms beginning in 2012-13.  These online resources are designed to help teachers pattern their instruction and classroom student assessments to the state's newly adopted curriculum.  

    Transylvania County Schools is providing professional development in these new  standards.  Professional development will be implemented through face-to-face meetings and online modules and activities.  

    Every effort is being made to provide opportunities for administrators and teachers to participate  and collaborate in professional development while learning the new standards.

    The TCS overall implementation and training plan includes:

    Transition Year (2011-12):  Knowing our standards and planning to implement.  By the end of this year teachers will:
    • Access and understand the cross-walks, instructional tool kits, and other transition document
    • Know their new Common Core and Essential Standards and the changes from old to new courses of study
    • Determine which content standards and curriculum materials and strategies from the current course of study can be carried into the new standards
    • Begin to identify and develop new curriculum materials and strategies
    • Begin to implement some new standards and content in grades/subjects that are not aligned to current state tests
    • Develop individual pacing guides for use at the start of the 2012-13 year.  Teachers should regularly record their reflections on their planning and instructional activities

    Implementation Year (2012-13):  Refining our curricula, sharing best practices, developing common pacing and benchmark assessment

    Common Core / Essential Standards:  A one stop shop with links to resources such as new standards, crosswalks, and assessment information

    Sample Session 1 Training Materials for CC-ES