NC School Report Cards

  • Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Partners:


    The latest indicators for school performance have been released by North Carolina, with Transylvania County Schools continuing a strong tradition of gains as one of the top performing districts in the state. We are proud of our students as they continue to improve in all facets of learning, including state and federal measures of student education. Although, schools face increasing challenges in resources and student needs, our results show how hard our great educators, support staff, parents, and especially students are working. Transylvania County Schools ranks 13th out 115 school districts in NC in overall performance.


    Seven of nine our schools met growth, with two schools continuing to have upward trajectory in many overall measures. No school earned below a C according to the legislative grading criteria. Currently, only about 3.5% of the more than 2,600 public schools in NC now receive an 'A' grade on the Legislature’s School Performance grading system. This continues a downward trend over the last three years. Many of the 'A' schools are early or middle college options, with small numbers of top students. About 25% of the schools in NC met the 'B' grade criteria, placing them among the top 30% of all public schools in our state. Five of Transylvania County School’s received this designation. Approximately 44% of the state’s schools are rated as 'C' schools.


    School grades, which are now required by state law, continue to correlate closely with poverty levels. Although state tests and legislative measures provide a narrow snapshot into only a part of the many things students learn, they do serve as one of many tools to gauge student learning. The graduation rate for Transylvania County Schools continues to outpace the state's graduation rate, with a rate of over 94% at both traditional high schools. Davidson River School remains as one of the top performing alternative schools in NC. A partnership of strong students, exceptional educators, and a supportive community continues to help Transylvania County Schools excel in the preparation of our county’s young people for a successful future as leaders for our state and nation.


    To access the 2015-2016 School Report Cards, visit  To access the 2015-16 Performance and Growth of North Carolina Public Schools Executive Summary, visit For more information about the specifics of the new READY accountability model, please review the READY Accountability Background Brief at To view released test questions, visit




    Jeff McDaris, Ed.D.