Brevard High School

Registration 2017-2018

  • Planning for Success!

    It is now time when you carefully choose the courses you will take during the upcoming school year.  This page is designed to help parents and students make informed decisions about course selections and provide information to promote a successful high school experience.  Parents and students are encouraged to use all registration materials.

    Contact a counselor or teacher if you need assistance or would like to schedule an appointment for before or after school. 

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    Registration Course Guide

    2017-2018 Course Guide


    Course Video Library

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    Check out videos about many of our courses!


    Registration Forms

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  • Registration Process

    1. Attend Parent Registration Presentation on March 2nd (Will be posted on website if you cannot attend).
    2. Discuss course offerings and plans at home in advance.
    3. Counselors will meet with rising fresman the week of March 6-10th and rising sophomores through seniors March 13-24th through classes and small groups (it doesn't matter when you meet with your counselor during this time).
    4. Course Requests will be entered into PowerSchool late March and early April.  Schedule changes will not be possible at this time.
    5. Draft schedules will start to be made in May.  These are not final schedules. Schedule changes will not be possible at this time.
    6. If conflicts are found, the counselor will discuss them with the student to make an alternative decision.
    7. A schedule change period will be available in the summer and before school begins. (To be announced)
    8. Communication will be sent out when to expect final schedules and important dates for the new school year!
  • Parent Information Presentation

    Thursday, March 2nd

    BHS Auditorium


    Students- What to Do Before you Meet with Your Counselor:

    - Review your Audit that your counselor has shared with you.  Search your Google Drive.

    - Review the Course Guide (graduation requirements, course descriptions, etc.)

    - Visit the Course Videos to learn more about course offerings

    - Make notes about your top 8 class choices and think of 4 alternative choices

    - Know what concentration you plan to complete, include necessary courses into your top 8

    - Talk with your previous or current core teachers about what their course recommendation would be for you