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2022-23  Drivers Ed Course


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The goal of the Transylvania County School System and its driver education contractor, Mountain Professionals, is to provide a quality driver education program to all students in a safe and timely manner. The North Carolina DMV requires 30 hours of classroom instruction and six hours of behind-the-wheel training. The average time to complete the Driver Education class, from registration through the classroom and driving phases, is four months. Students wanting their permits by age 15 must register on or before the age of 14 years and eight months. Students with extracurricular activities or jobs may take longer due to conflicts with scheduling driver education.

There are no academic requirements in order to take the driver education class. There are academic requirements in order to apply for a permit or license after finishing the driver education class.

Students that are dismissed from driver education class due to behavior or attendance problems will not be allowed to take driver education a second time through the Transylvania County Public School System.

Registration Information

You must be 14½ years of age for the required 30-hour classroom portion.

Driver Education is offered through a private contractor, Mountain Professionals (Click here for their website), Mornings, after school hours, Saturdays, holiday breaks and during summer months. Driver Education is offered to each eligible student residing within Transylvania County. Alan Justice, Director of Transportation, is assigned to administer the Driver Education program. If you have questions please call Mr. Justice at 828-884-6173.

To Sign Up For Driver Education

Contact Alan Justice at the Morris Education Center to inquire about class dates and times. Mr. Justice will make announcements about future classes on the TCS webpage, ParentLink phone system, and announcements at each school. A few weeks before each class Mr. Justice will visit each school during lunch to sign students up. Parents may also call Mr. Justice at 828-884-6173 to sign up as well.

Additional Information

For additional information, a message may be left for Mr. Justice, who will return your call as soon as possible. You may also call Mountain Professionals, or visit their website at

Classroom Phase: 30 Hours

During the regular school year, the classroom phase is held after school for 15 days (2-hour classes) or for 10 days (3-hour classes). Summer and holiday break schedules vary. Students must pass 30 hours of classroom instruction and the DMV eye test before being eligible for the driving phase. Students that fail the DMV eye test will be given a form by the DMV examiner and must have their eyes checked by a vision specialist.

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Driving Phase: 6 Hours of Instruction

Students must pass the 6-hour driving phase called behind-the-wheel training (BTW), in order to receive a Driver Education Completion Certificate. Students who fail the classroom and/or BTW will not be allowed to enroll again through the school system sponsored driver education program except for extenuating circumstances to be determined by the principal.

Students can drive a maximum of two hours per day. Two to Three students are assigned to drive during each BTW session. Each instructor determines his/her own driving schedule and will contact the student to establish a driving time. The student must experience a total of six hours of BTW instruction and six hours of observation time, for a total of 12 hours of in-car instructional time. Examples of schedules include: driving three days for four hours or driving four days for three hours. Instructors may drive students from the end of the school day up to 9 pm on school days and from 6 am to 9 pm on Saturdays, holidays and school breaks.

When called by an instructor, write down the following:

Name of instructor
The place to be picked up and dropped off
Days and times of behind-the-wheel training

Completion of the Course

The Driver Education Certificate states that you have completed 30 hours of classroom, six hours of drug and alcohol prevention, and six hours of BTW training. You will use this certificate to obtain a Driver Eligibility Certificate from your school and Level 1 Learner's Permit from the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.

This certificate is valid as long as you need it. After getting your permit or driver license, file the certificate with your important papers for future use.

Driver Eligibility Certificate

As of August 1, 1998, persons, less than 18 years of age applying for a permit or license must have this certificate. This certificate states that the student is passing at least five of six courses in a regular schedule, or three of four courses in a block schedule, and is currently enrolled in school. The certificate is valid for 30 days, and then must be renewed if you do not obtain a learner's permit within that time.

Each high school has a person assigned to issue this certificate. The driving instructor at will give students information regarding procedures for obtaining a Driver Eligibility Certificate at their school.

Contacts for Driver Eligibility Certificate

Brevard High School- Assistant Principal, Mrs. Treadway
Rosman High School- Assistant Principal

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