Bond Project FAQ


Understanding that there will be many questions about the projects, we have created a Frequently Asked Questions page that will hopefully provide some information.  If you have other questions or comments you can use our School Bond Construction Project Questions/Comments form to submit.  We will respond to questions as quickly as possible.


  1. Where is the money coming from for these projects?

    After voters passed the bond referendum in 2018, the Board of Commissioners voted to raise the property tax rate sufficiently to cover the costs of debt payments.

    What is the amount spent for planning & design?

    To date we have spent $2,929,307 for planning and design, not including advanced planning fees paid outside the scope of this work.

    When will the projects begin?

    A great deal of preliminary work is required before “shovels hit the ground.”  Contract negotiations with Clark Nexsen, Vannoy Construction, and the county were completed in January, 2020.  The advanced planning work done by Clark Nexsen was then used as a basis for schematic design drawings, which took input from staff and best practice to develop a “first draft” with options.  Once options were selected by the Board of Education design development drawings were completed, which finalized general floorplans and direction.  Construction documents are now being completed for review by the state Department of insurance and Department of Public Instruction.  Once these reviews are completed a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) will be established and a notice to proceed will be issued.  Because of extreme market volatility due to the pandemic, the Board has been forced to modify the scope of the projects to bring costs in line with budgets.  We are currently evaluating options, and changes will push project start until at least summer 2022.

    How long will the projects take?

    Modification of scope will necessarily change project timelines and move-in dates.  One of  modifications we hope to make is shortening the length of the projects.

    What about the students and staff?

    The safety of students and staff during construction was a major factor in selecting a construction manager.  Vannoy Construction has extensive experience working on occupied sites, and emphasizes both worker and client safety when on site.  The following are just some of the ways Vannoy will ensure our safety:

      • Background checks and id badges on all workers
      • Construction fencing and walkways to separate construction from instruction
      • Onsite safety supervisors
      • Coordination of schedules with school administration
      • Traffic control assistance and guidance


    Why is the old gym at Brevard being demolished?  Wasn't the roof recently replaced & the floors refinished?

    In our assessment done in 2015 the old gym and cafeteria were identified as the structures in most critical need of replacement because of the compromised structural integrity of the beams.  The auxiliary gym and cafeteria roofs were recoated in 2014 to extend the life but not replaced.  The floors are recoated with polyurethane 1-2 times per year but have not been completely refinished in the last 10 years.  We were told the last time it was done that we probably could not sand it down any more without hitting nail heads.

    Why is the Rosman Middle School portion built in 2000(?) being demolished - it is newer than parts of the building being renovated?

    The only portions of the 2000 renovation being demolished are the stair tower and middle school commons area.  This is being done to accommodate the new building.  The current middle school building was built in the 1940s and renovated in 2000.  Portions of the 2000 addition will be renovated and repurposed as support space and collaborative space.

    How did you determine what was to be demolished vs renovated?

    Our 2015 Master Facility Study included a site assessment by Clark Nexsen, engineers, and building contractors.  The study ranked our buildings based on several criteria including

    • Educational program adequacy
    • Safety and code compliance
    • Handicapped accessibility
    • Physical condition of the building
    • Hazardous materials present

    The cafeteria and old gym received the worst ranking by far at Brevard, and the Rosman Middle classroom building tied for the worst ranking at Rosman.


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