• Exceptional Children's Education Program

    Brevard Elementary has seven special education teachers serving students in regular classrooms who need support with one to one pull out, small group instruction and full inclusion settings. We have the distinction of being the one elementary school in the county with self contained classrooms for students with high levels of need.   

    At BES we work together as a team to provide the best educational opportunity to each student based on his or her unique and individual needs. Parents are a vital, necessary and required part of this team.  We welcome your communication.

    BES Exceptional Children Education Teachers:

    Ms. Ursula Leahy, BAE, MS, NBCT

    Ms. Carol Martin, BS, MS

    Ms. Michelle Ridenour BS

    Ms. Megan Ferguson, BA

    Ms. Maggie McLauchlin BS

    Ms. Beth Privette, BS

    Ms. Anne Childs, BS 


    To contact any of these teachers please see the staff directory and click on their individual name.  


    BES serves students in these categories of disabilities:
    Specific Learning Disabilities
    Other Health Impaired
    Visually Impaired
    Deaf/ Hearing Impaired
    Speech/Language Impaired
    Orthopedically Impaired
    Intellectually Disabled (Mild, Moderate, Severe)
    Emotionally Disabled
    Developmentally Delayed

    Please check out the many links for the newest information on different disabilities, ways to help your child with reading and/or organization.  We will continue to bring you new items as we find them, knowing that we all share the goal of happy, successful children.