• What is PBIS?

    Positive Behavior Intervention and Support is a PROACTIVE approach to SCHOOL-WIDE discipline.

    • It is a framework and collaborative process that focuses on prevention and instruction.
    • It is a way to promote positive behavior for students AND staff.
    • It is designed to meet the needs of ALL students.
    • It is ongoing.

    Basically, we should be teaching behavioral expectations in the same manner as any core curriculum content. Students learn, practice and relearn what the expectations are in the school.

    What is the Behavior Matrix?

    One resource that supports PBIS is a behavior matrix. The Matrix is our guide for cohesively teaching students what the behavioral expectations look like, sound like, and feel like. Our school is starting this process with a focus on behaviors in the hallway and cafeteria because we have identified them as problem areas.

    All staff will play an important part in participating in this direct instruction. We are all responsible for modeling and verbalizing expected behaviors, as outlined on our school matrix, each and every day. Using a common language, common practices, and consistent application of positive and negative reinforcement will support this effort.

    Incentive Program

    As teachers, we will be looking for opportunities to point out the targeted positive behaviors as students learn. In pointing out these behaviors, those who are “misbehaving” will be encouraged to collect the same praise and reward that is being shown to those who are behaving.

    Offering positive reinforcement of those behaviors using a systematic approach is important for the success of everyone. Using a system of labeling appropriate behavior, like beads for example, students can actually “see” how well they are doing and become role models for others.

    At our school we will use beads to represent positive reinforcement of desired behaviors and all rewards earned will be based on PBIS principles that teach the intrinsic value of good behavior.