• Getting To Know Your Chromebook

    So you have a Chromebook and you want to know how to use it quickly and easily. Doing the most basic things on the Chromebook will be different and new, but it’s easy to learn. Once you do, the fun begins! Here are some valuable Tips and Tricks for using your Chromebook. Feel free to take segments of this document or the whole thing.


    If you're using a Chromebook, use the touchpad to move the pointer and select items on the screen. Here are some gestures and actions supported by the touchpad:


    Move the pointer: Simply move your finger across the touchpad.

    Click: Just press down on the lower half of the touchpad. Since tap-to-click is enabled by default, you can quickly tap the touchpad to click.

    Right-click: Click the touchpad with two fingers.



    Scroll: Place two fingers on the touchpad and move them up and down to scroll vertically, left and right to scroll horizontally.

    If you have simple scrolling enabled, move two fingers up to scroll down. (It works in the same way as a smartphone.

    Essential Keyboard Shortcuts (Short List):

    Page up

    Press Alt and the up arrow

    Page down

    Press Alt and the down arrow


    Press Ctrl+Alt, and the up arrow


    Press Ctrl+Alt, and the down arrow

    Toggle the bookmark bar


    Search your current webpage


    Open a new tab


    Open a new window


    Open the link you clicked in a new background tab

    Press Alt and click a link

    Switch to your next tab


    Switch to your next window


    Sign out of your Google Account


    Close your current tab



    Chromebook Shortcuts (Long List)  

    To see a map of all shortcuts directly on your screen, press Ctrl+Alt+?

    Release and then hold down each key.

    Change Wallpaper

    wrench, settings, appearances, set WP or RC Desktop, choose set WP

    show list of apps (pin apps to launcher)

    tic tac toe icon (RC app list * choose pin)

    open a new tab

    Chrome icon (lower left)

    Find settings;shut down/lock

    Look on lower right & mouse over icon



    Resize window to max

    upper right of window-little square icon or DC area between tabs & button

    Resize window to min.

    click sq icon and drag or drag to R or L to dock

    See more display options

    RC launcher/status area to see more when browser is max.

    Full screen

    4th icon from left

    Switch to next window

    5th icon from left

    To see all shortcuts


    Page up and down

    Alt + arrows


    Ctl + Alt + up or down arrow

    Open new tab/window

    Ctrl+T/Ctrl + N

    Reopen the last closed tab

    Ctrl + Shift + T

    See browser history

    Click and hold browser toolbar arrow



    Save a  page working on

    Ctrl S

    Scroll down the page

    Space bar

    Print current page

    Ctrl + P

    Zoom in and out

    Ctrl + or -

    Bookmark a page

    Click STAR icon or Ctrl + D  or drag a link from a viewed pg to create BM  for link

    View Bookmarks

    If not under address bar, open new tab Ctrl Shift B   OR  click wrench & sel. BM  OR  click wrench icon on browser toolbar >BM>BM manager

    Create Bookmark folder for organization

    RC BM bar sel  Add folder

    Edit/Delete a BM

    RC BM & sel Edit/Delete

    Move a BM

    drag to new location

    Don’t want BM on bar

    RC BM >BM manager >store in “Other BM “ folder


    Ctrl K or E type search term after ? in address bar & press Enter

    Take a screenshot (Screenshot directions are in the end in Tips & Tricks section.)

    Ctrl + switch window icon + 

    (6th key from left)  


    Take a partial screenshot

    Ctrl + Shift + 5th icon



    Open File Manager

    Ctrl M

    Display hidden files in File Manager

    Ctrl +

    Open Downloads page

    Ctrl J

    Open Task Manager

    Shift + Esc


    Ctrl ?

    Configure monitor display

    Ctrl + 4th icon

    Open wrench menu

    Alt E or F



    Select All

    Ctrl A


    Ctrl Alt & up or down arrow


    Ctrl C


    Ctrl V

    Paste content from clipboard as plain text

    Ctrl Shift V


    Ctrl X

    Delete a word

    Ctrl Backspace or Backspace Alt

    Undo last action

    Ctrl Z

    Toggle cap lock key

    shift search (above shift key)

    Open shortcut page

    Ctrl Alt /



    To click

    press down on lower half or quickly tap

    Right click

    click Touchpad with 2 fingers


    2 fingers on pad & move up, down, right, left

    Drag & drop

    Click with 1 finger

    Adjust touchpad/pointer

    Status area, settings, pointer speed



    To manually allow

    wrench, settings, show adv. settings, privacy, content settings button, popups, manage exceptions



    Helpful Tips and Tricks:
    Tip 1: Take a Screenshot (by pressing just 2 keys):

    • Press "Ctrl" + "Page Flipper Key"together and the screenshot is taken and saved in a separate folder from where you can retrieve the screenshot.
    • Where does the screenshot go?
      The screenshot taken in the Chromebook are stored at a particular folder in the file manager, and the interface is quite different from that of Windows. You need to go to the File Manager directly by pressing "Ctrl + M", and in that, you will see the "File Shelf" where the different saved items can be seen in various folders. Go to the "Screenshots" section and there you will see the captured screenshots sorted by the date and time taken. From the File Manager you can directly send the image to Picasa (Picassa icon on right bottom of File Manager Page) to edit or crop. Press “enter” when done. It will save automatically. You can then go to your document and “insert” the image by uploading it from the File Manager on your Chromebook.
    • Taking screenshots is an easy trick in your Chromebook or you can also use the different browser apps etc. to take the screenshots but the simplest one is the keyboard shortcuts.
    • The Page Flipper key helps in more than one function, just like the Print Screen key does in the Windows computer keyboards

    Resources and Interesting Links:


    About the Launcher: http://support.google.com/chromeos/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2586116&topic=2589149&ctx=topic 

    1:1 School’s Perspective on Chromebooks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTrFGRKkI7k 




    Tips To Using Your Touchpad:

    Advanced pointer and mouse settings: http://support.google.com/chromeos/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2583287 

    Shortcut Keys:  http://support.google.com/chromeos/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1047364


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