Brevard Elementary School

  •  Brevard Elementary School Mission Statement
    Brevard Elementary School will be a model for educational excellence. 
    It will be a place where a foundation is created for good citizenship and a lifelong love of learning.


    Brevard Elementary School Belief Statements

    • Children achieve more when parents,  teachers, and children all share the responsibility of educating them.
    • Schools should be a caring, loving, and safe environment for everyone.
    • Children should leave our school prepared for the next level of learning.
    • A positive atmosphere is needed in order to boost student and staff morale.
    • All students, parents, and staff deserve respect.
    • All students and staff should feel successful and be recognized for their achievements.
    • A complete education includes the arts, physical education, and instruction in technology.
    • High expectations should be set for every child.
    • Education is one of the most important jobs a child has to do when growing up.
    • Parents should be supportive and involved in all aspects of their child's education.


    Brevard Elementary School ABC Report Card 
    BES Report Card  
    For More Information, Follow this link to the NC Report Cards Site.  Choose "School Performance Grade", then select district and school.