•                                  Engineering and Welding Technology



     Welcome to Mr. Case's CTE experience!  I am so very excited to be teaching in an area I feel I can make a difference introducing young adults to an exciting field.........and maybe even a career. I have taught science for 20 years and loved every minute, but was always a little jealous of the way the CTE teachers worked with students.   Competitions, field trips, clubs, real life situations in classrooms it seemed to good to be true.  Well, I have made it...and in a field I love....  Engineering and Welding Technology.  Engineering is all about the engineering design method. The method is very much like the scientific method with a major exception The Prototype!  My engineering classes will always be envoled with the design and construction of protoypes. The current project is a 2000 gallon prototype of an aquaponics system being constructed in one of our shops.  I have also been charged with the task of building back our welding program...a task I gladly accept.  I am currently taking classes at AB tech to beef up my knowledge and skill level in welding. I have made a lot of connection with other welders and schools.  Look for the welding program to soar in the next couple of years giving our students an advantage in the pursuit of a welding career





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