•  Christina M. Dodson

    Brevard High School English Department 

        Reading provides alternate worlds.

 Christina M. Dodson

Phone: (828)884-4103


Degrees and Certifications:

BA English/French MAEd. Reading Certified K-12 English/French AIG Certification K-12 Teacher of the Year Brevard Middle School

Christina M. Dodson

Background:  I am originally from Detroit, Michigan and came to North Carolina via San Antonio, Texas where I began my teaching career in Early Childhood. After moving to Brevard in the late 80’s, I taught at Brevard Middle School for 22 years teaching 6-8th grade Language Arts and Social Studies. I developed several programs while there such as social media within the classroom and the Pre-AP program in language arts. I have been at Brevard High School for the last four years in which I have taught at least one course at each level. I have also taught reading and writing courses at Blue Ridge Community College. I have a bacholor’s degree in English from Alma College, in Alma, Michigan, received AIG training in 1993 and an MAEd in Reading in 1995.

Educational Philosophy and Method of Instruction: Experience teaching different levels and age groups over the years has formed my approach to how children learn. Education is a personal journey towards problem solving through inquiry and collaboration with others. This collaboration allows students to be personal involved with his/her learning. It generates curiosity and challenges thinking.  My role has changed from a direct instructor to a facilitator where I help guide students with their thinking, reading, and writing. I accomplish this through a variety of teaching methods including mini-lessons on rhetorical modes, vocabulary development, grammar instruction, seminar, and project based learning. Literacy is an integral part of this process that is addressed through the study of reading and writing strategies, oral presentations and the study of the visual arts such as film and art work.