Ms. Kim Rosselle

Phone: 884-4103


Degrees and Certifications:

Nationally Board Certified Mathematics Teacher
B.S. Mathematics

Ms. Kim Rosselle

I have been a mathematics teacher for over twenty years with most of those years being here at BHS.  I love mathematics and am focussed on making it attainable for ALL students.  I believe  my students, their parents, and myself and other school personnel are a team all focussed on each student’s success. I have a responsibility to facilitate student learning but also expect students and parents to be active participants on our team.  I recognize that different students learn in different ways and strive to create a learning environment that enables each student to learn in the manner that best serves that student.  Success in mathematics is certainly important, but my students are even more important.  I insist on maintaining a classroom where it is safe to take risks and make mistakes.  I demand respect for and by all those in my classroom.  I hope to help prepare my students for all life has to offer after high school.