Rosman High School

RHS Alumni Hall of Fame

2014 Alumni Hall of Fame

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2016 Inductees
Public Service:  Jason Chappell
Career Success:  Rick Pangle
Athletic Achievement:  Jerry Ihme
Inspirational Experience:  Berlis Owen
Contributions to RHS:  Bill Ragland
2015 Inductees
Public Service:  Joe James Parker
Career Success:  Mildred Dodson
Athletic Achievement:  Rex Dillard
Inspirational Experience:  Ray Aiken
Contributions to RHS:  Laverne Hogsed
2014 Inductees
Public Service:  Chris Whitmire
Career Success:  Lee Powell
Athletic Achievement:  Mildred Powell
Inspirational Experience:  Jimmy Meece
Contributions to RHS:  E.F. Tilson
2013 Inductees
Public Service:  Joel Dalton
Career Succes:  Jane Reese
Athletic Achievement:  Coach Jim Fox
Inspirational Experience:  Ron Smith
Contributions to RHS:  James Looper
2012 Inductees
Public Service:  Charlie Bagwell
Career Success:  Bill Cathey
Athletic Achievement:  Ronnie Whitmire
Inspirational Experiences:  Darren Gillespie
Contributions to RHS:  Lillian Cothran