• Title I Federal Programming
    Transylvania County Schools' (TCS) four elementary schools, Brevard Elementary, Rosman Elementary, Pisgah Forest Elementary and T.C. Henderson Elementary, all qualify for the Title I funding.  The funds are used to supplement reading and mathematics instruction for at risk students.  

    We implemented a new school designations for Title I Schools: 

    1. In the honor category the designation title is Reward School.  Reward schools are Title I schools with a poverty rate at or above the 50% line and with an average gap between the highest and lowest performing subgroups below the state average gap between subgroups.  Additionally, the school must have made Average Yearly Progress (AYP) the previous year and all students are performing above the statewide subgroup performance in reading and mathematics; OR the school has a performance composite for the previous year equal to or above 60% and is among the highest 10% of school  progress in reading and math.

    2. There are two categories for Title I schools in need of improvement.  The first is a Focus School.Focus schools have in-school achievement gaps  above the state average in reading and mathematics and a proficiency score in reading and mathematics below 50% in any subgroup.  10% of Title I Schools in NC are Focus Schools (130 NC Title I schools). 

    3. The second category for schools in need of improvement is the Priority School.  Priority schools are the lowest 5% of all Title I schools in NC. There is a lack of progress in reading and mathematics and less than 50% proficiency in reading and mathematics scores. 5% of schools in NC are in the Priority Category.  65 Title I schools are Priority Schools in NC. 

    Title I, the cornerstone of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act, is the largest federal education program. About half the schools and all school districts in North Carolina receive Title I funding. Many of the major requirements in No Child Left Behind are outlined in Title I : Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP); teacher and paraprofessional requirements; accountability; sanctions for schools designated for improvement,; standards and assessments; annual state report cards; professional development; and parent involvement. On the Transylvania County Schools' webpage and the www.ncpublicschools.org site are basic Title I facts, lists of Title I schools – including those in Improvement, and a Title I directors’ list. For additional Title I information, view  the NC Department of Public Instruction Federal Programs' site at :http://www.ncpublicschools.org/federalprograms/titleI/

     To access Transylvania County Schools Report Card by individual school, please refer to the following link.
    To access Transylvania County Schools school improvement plans and safety net plans, please refer to the following link.
    PFE 2010-12 SIP Amendment 

    For additional information about Title I Federal Programming, please contact:
    Audrey Reneau, Director of Title I by email areneau@tcsnc.org
     or call 828-884-6173.



    Title I Parent Compact - School, Parent, and Student Compact 
    Partners in Education Contract - Parent, Student, Teacher Compact