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BMS Angel Tree

Christmas Charities in Brevard, NC

A Guest Article by Blue Devil Broadcasting Staffer,

Dillon Starnes, Grade 8


The month of December brings the whole family together for lots of heart-warming fun. This season of giving brings everyone joy and laughter they will remember for years to come. The only problem is that there are still thousands of kids each year that end up with nothing under their tree, some can’t even get a tree. When we wish someone a Merry Christmas, we should help to give them one. Charities are a great source of financial aid for the poor or the ones affected by natural disasters, but they are also great for bringing some much needed joy and happiness.


Toys for Tots is a Charity for bringing toys to those who need and deserve them. The organization accepts toys from donors all year round, then when the holiday season arrives they distribute all the toys the have collected. Toys for Tots has been giving toys away for 60 years and will continue to do so for many years to come.


At BMS, we participate in a program called Angel Tree, where students in need can be 'adopted' for the holidays.  Teachers, staff, school clubs, and PTO members give generously to provide a happier holiday for our own.  We want to wish everyone at BMS, Transylvania County Schools, and the surrounding community a holiday of happiness, warmth, and comfort.  Merry Christmas!