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BMS Wows at SEMPA Festival


BMS band students performed at the SEMPA Festival (Solo and Ensemble Performance Adjudication) at Cane Creek Middle School on 5/9/2019.  These musicians chose solos or ensemble to perform in front of judges for ratings.  The highest two ratings given are Excellent and Superior; all of the BMS students scored at least one of these top two ratings.  

Excellent Rating: 

Brayden Grosvenor

Superior Rating:

Jessie Dodson

Val Butler

Ella Leatherwood

Grace Gentle

Leanne Littleton

Ellen Cabin

Sophia Heywood

Megan Gordon

Raegan Lorenz

Hannah Megown

Tyler Kelly

Julia Bohn

Summer Glover

Micah Roberts

Trevor Long

Ben Weaver

Special Congratuations to Val Butler, Jessie Dodson, Grace Gentle, and Ella Leatherwood for earning TWO superiors on two separate ensembles.

Extra Special Congratuations to Trevor Long for earning the Distinguished Performance Award from the brass judge.

Band Director Donnie Mulligan and private instructors Linda Threatte, Karen Cole, Stephen Healy, and Rivers Smith are all very proud of these students' accomplishments!