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Chromebook​ ​Guidelines​ ​for​ ​Elementary​ ​Students


Chromebook Guidelines for Elementary Students, 2018-2019


These guidelines have been created to prevent accidental damage to the Chromebooks and to ensure that students are using them safely for educational purposes. Guidelines will be enforced in all areas of the classroom and/or school.


  1. ALWAYS use your assigned Chromebook and don’t allow other students to use it.
  2. ALWAYS use the Chromebook placed flat on a desk or table, NOT in your lap or on the floor and your chair flat on the floor. Chromebooks should be kept on your desk or in the charging cart or as directed by your teacher.
  3. ALWAYS carry the Chromebook with the lid closed inside the classroom. Be sure to transport the Chromebook safely, by holding it with both hands or by the handle.
  4. ALWAYS keep all food, drink, and heavy objects away from the area where the Chromebook is being used to prevent accidental damage to the Chromebook. (Be sure to keep your Chromebook clean and free from stickers or markings.)
  5. ALWAYS place your Chromebook in the correct numbered slot in the cart and plug it in carefully to avoid damaging the power cord. (Teachers will address how Chromebooks will be plugged in.)
  6. ALWAYS keep your Chromebook in a safe, secure environment as directed by the teacher. Do not leave your Chromebook unattended.
  7. ALWAYS follow the rules of netiquette.  -  Be kind, honest, and careful in all of your computer interactions.
  8. ALWAYS close the screen immediately when the teacher says, “Lids Down” or as directed by teacher.
  9. NEVER touch the screen of the Chromebook with any object other than clean fingers if using a touchscreen.
  10. NEVER close the Chromebook with ANYTHING on the keyboard as this may damage the screen (be especially mindful of earbuds, pencils, papers, etc.)
  11. NEVER push the Chromebook screen back too far or pick the Chromebook up by the screen as this will cause a short in the screen.
  12. NEVER attempt to visit blocked sites, unassigned websites, or use the computer in a way that is not allowed in the TCS Technology Responsible Use Policy.
  13. NEVER peel off identification stickers or labels. Please notify your teacher if the label is falling off or is missing.
  14. NEVER take a Chromebook home or off campus.

Remember: The Chromebook is the property of the Transylvania County Schools and has been entrusted to you to enrich your education, so please use it and care for it accordingly. The Chromebook is an educational TOOL and not a TOY. Failure to follow Chromebook guidelines or to follow directions may result in disciplinary action per the school discipline cycle, or being charged for damage to your Chromebook.  Major incidents may result in office referral.

TCS Chromebook Damage Policy:

  • In the event of damage to the Chromebook or charger, students must pay a $20 repair fee per incident.
  • Repair fee needs to be submitted BEFORE his or her Chromebook is returned.
  • Students with repeated or excessive damage may be restricted in using the Chromebook in class.

Please sign the form below and return to your teacher.    Date: ___________________________

I understand the TCS Elementary Student Chromebook Guidelines.   Student  Signature: _________________________________

I understand the TCS Elementary Student Chromebook Guidelines.   Parent Signature:    _________________________________

Chromebook Discipline Referral     



  1.  Left Chromebook unattended or misplaced.


  1.  Chose not to use the Chromebook on a flat surface or as directed by the teacher.

  2.  Chose not to transport the Chromebook properly.


  1.  Chose to act/behave inappropriately in a way that damaged or broke the Chromebook.


  1.  Chose not to keep all food, drink, and heavy objects away from the Chromebook.


  1.  Chose not to follow teacher directions: playing games, downloading content, taking pictures or videos without
        permission, listening to music, chatting, on wrong site, etc.


  1.  Chose not to follow the rules of “netiquette.”


  1.  Tried to access a blocked site or a site not designated by their teacher.


Offense #1 -  Warning

Date:  _________________________  Student signature:  _____________________________________


Rule(s) broken:  _________________


Offense #2 - Parent Communication/Loss of Chromebook (Desktop or paper assigned)


Date:  _________________________  Student signature:  _____________________________________


Rule(s) broken:  _________________  


Offense #3 - Phone call home


Date:  ________________________ Student signature:  ______________________________________


Rule(s) broken:  _________________ Result of Call:___________________________________________


Offense #4 - Referral


Date:  ________________________ Student signature:  ________________________________

Rule(s) broken:  _________________