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Help Retired Teachers Fill The Teacher Supply Closet This Fall

Supplies cost teachers nearly $500 each year. Help fill the Teacher Supply Closet.
To start every school year, Transylvania County Retired School Personnel (TCRSP) seek and receive generous help to fill the supply closet for classrooms in Transylvania County Schools. Teachers spend more and more out of pocket every year on school supplies, so while every gift makes a difference, the need has never been greater.
A recent study at NC State University found that science teachers nationwide spend an average of $450 each year out of their salary for supplies (
A Department of Education survey in 2018 found that teachers spend $479 on average every year to supply their classrooms, without reimbursement (
Thanks to the Kimzey-Tilson Teacher Supply Closet, teachers in Transylvania County Schools are able to order classroom supplies, and TCRSP volunteers meet every two weeks to fill orders and deliver them in person.
John and Rebekah Huggins with Retired School Personnel accept "Pack the Packs" donations from Adrienne David with Egolf Ford School supply drives help with some items, and donations are always gratefully received. To supply the items most often ordered by teachers, volunteers use donated funds to order in bulk, thanks to gifts sent for the “Kimzey-Tilson Teacher Supply Closet.”
Some items are overstocked and others run out quickly, so monetary donations are always more flexible and highly appreciated.
The most frequently requested items are hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, facial tissue, paper towels, pencils, crayons, copy paper, scissors, dry board markers and erasers, washable markers, highlighters, notebook paper, glue sticks, and spiral notebooks.
Over 40 items are available for order, and most are purchased in bulk throughout the school year. Items are stored at Brevard High School, where nearly two dozen volunteers meet to pack orders and deliver them directly to teachers, at their own expense.
Teachers participate at all nine Transylvania County Schools, from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. The Retired School Personnel can process as many as 500 orders a year, and the most recent purchase to kickoff school year cost over $3,000.
Community gifts from individuals and businesses to support teachers and volunteers are always welcome. Donations are used 100 percent for the purchase of school supplies, with no administrative costs for the school system or Transylvania County Retired School Personnel.
To make a donation, make checks payable and send to: “Kimzey-Tilson Teacher Supply Closet,” 225 Rosenwald Lane, Brevard, NC 28712.
John and Rebekah Huggins with Retired School Personnel accept "Pack the Packs" donations from Adrienne David with Egolf Ford of Brevard. Supply drives boost some items, and volunteers use donations to purchase other items in bulk throughout the year.