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Transylvania County Voters Pass School Bond, 60% Vote Yes

Our community has spoken.

Transylvania County voters passed a 2018 school bond, 60% in favor of the $68 million investment in schools
Transylvania County voters have expressed overwhelming support for investing $68 million to better serve students at Brevard High SchoolRosman High School, and Rosman Middle School.

59.66% of voters cast their ballots in favor of the bond, and we could not be more grateful.

Thank you to our Board of Education, the countless stakeholders who helped to shape the vision and these plans, and over 9,200 individuals who delivered this resounding mandate for the future of our community.

Brevard High School Proposed New Front Of School, Single Point Of Entry
The work of discerning the community's wishes is complete for now. It is time to refine and implement plans that reflect the solemn charge given to the board, staff, and supporters of our schools.

With your help and involvement, that work will be lasting and worthy of the students and families of Transylvania County Schools, truly the central point of pride in Transylvania County! #TCSYes #WeAreTransylvania

Rosman High School Proposed New Front Of School, Single Point Of Entry

To learn about the projects proposed by the Transylvania County Board of Education for the Brevard and Rosman campuses, visit their school bond website: