Dr. Jeff McDaris

Dr. Jeff McDaris

Superintendent of Schools

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Administrative Assistant

Jenny Hunter

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Welcome to Transylvania County Schools. Our schools are the home for premier Pre-kindergarten through grade twelve education. We provide exceptional learning and 21st-century global preparedness through a nurturing and comprehensive educational approach that prepares children for lifelong success, responsibility, and citizenship.

It is an honor to be your superintendent of schools and to work and live in our community. We provide a wonderful learning environment that is nurturing and innovative. We do this by being blessed with some of the finest teachers, staff, and administrators in North Carolina. In order to build upon our success and improve learning, we have the following expectations:

Transylvania County Schools will meet and exceed the goals as set forth by the Transylvania County Board of Education and North Carolina. Our goals are:

  • Every Transylvania County Schools student has a personalized education graduating from high school prepared for work, higher education, and citizenship.
  • Every Transylvania County Schools student, every day has excellent educators.
  • Every Transylvania County Schools student is healthy, safe, and responsible.
  • Our students will be globally competitive, educated by caring professionals, become healthy and responsible students, be innovative, and be provided strong support.

To that end, I will develop and promote leadership to address all strategies through:

  • Conversation (Communication);
  • Community (Relationships); and
  • Credibility (Honesty and Caring)

Our strategies and action will be filtered through a community lens with our students as the main focus. This focus includes the beliefs that:

  • All children learn differently, but all can learn;
  • Students will learn the value of community and place;
  • Students, parents, and our community will feel pride in their schools;
  • Students will know that their teachers, administrators, and staff care about them;
  • Our schools will be part of the community and not merely in the community;
  • Children are our most valued and protected resource;
  • Respect is mutual, deserved, and earned;
  • We will improve learning;
  • Students will be successful in education and life; and
  • We are here to help them succeed.

Teaching everyone takes everyone. We look forward to the partnership of schools and community growing stronger with your help.

Thank you!


Jeff McDaris, Ed.D.

A native of Transylvania County and a graduate of our school system, Dr. Jeff McDaris became Superintendent of Transylvania County Schools in July 2009. A former Career and Technical (Vocational) Education teacher, Dr. McDaris has served as an educator in North Carolina since 1983 and our system in various capacities since 1997. Dr. McDaris is married to his high school sweetheart, Lisa. He and Lisa have two sons, John and William, a wonderful daughter-in-law, Charity, and two fantastic granddaughters!