The athletic program of Transylvania County Schools is an important part of the overall school curriculum. Students participate in a program that reflects the individual school's philosophy of diversity, continual growth, achievement, and the development of the individual's greatest potential toward an adult life in a democratic society. Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, and competition are an integral part of each team in the athletic program. Athletics play an important part in the development of a healthy self-concept as well as a healthy body. Also recognized is the importance of equal programs and equal opportunities for participation for both sexes. Athletic competition adds to school spirit. It seeks to develop heart, pride, and determination in the student-athletes of Transylvania County Schools.

The athletic program should always be in line with the objectives and regulations set forth by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, the Transylvania County School Board Policy, Middle School Conference Rules, and Strategic Priorities. The School Athletic Departments will seek to foster and promote good sportsmanship and good conduct on the part of players, coaches, students, parents, fans, and the community of Transylvania County.

Contact Information

Brevard High School

Josh Galloway - Athletic Director

Office: 828-884-4103

Email: E-mail Josh Galloway

Rosman High School

Jennifer McCall - Athletic Director

Office: 828-862-4284

Email: E-mail Jennifer McCall

Brevard Middle School

Mark Bumgarner - Athletic Director

Office: 828-884-2001

Email: E-mail Mark Bumgarner

Rosman Middle School

Jennifer McCall - Athletic Director

Office: 828-862-4286

Email: E-mail Jennifer McCall