Parents' Bill of Rights

The North Carolina General Assembly recently passed Senate Bill 49—Parents Bill of Rights. This act was voted on to enumerate the rights of parents to direct the upbringing, education, healthcare, and mental health of minor children.

As more information and guidance about the Parents’ Bill of Rights is made available from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, we will post it on this page.

Parents' Bill of Rights Updates 9/19/2023

  • Policy 1310/4002, Parental Involvement.  Substantially revises the policy to address the new requirements of the Parents’ Bill of Rights.

Per G.S.5C-76.35(a)(1) it is required that board policy provides links to parents for community services provided - community services list. 

  • Policy 3210, Parental Inspection of and Objection to Instructional Materials.  The school system must have a written process for parents to inspect and review all textbooks and supplementary instructional materials that will be used in their child’s classrooms.

  • Policy 3540, Comprehensive Health Education Program.  Adds a provision prohibiting instruction on gender identity, sexual activity, or sexuality in grades K through 4.

  • Policy 4335, Criminal Behavior.  Changes the requirement for reporting to parents when their child is suspected to be the victim of a crime.

  • Policy 4720, Surveys of Students.  Changes parental notification and consent requirements based on new state law requirements.  Adds a new section about well-being questionnaires and health screening forms.

  • Policy 6120, Student Health Services.  The new G.S. 90-211.10B contains language that prohibits health care practitioners, which includes school employees authorized under state law to perform health care services as part of their job, from providing, soliciting, or arranging medical procedures or treatments for a minor without first obtaining written or documented consent from the parent.  This law goes into effect on December 1, 2023.

  • Policy 7300, Staff Responsibilities.  Adds an employee responsibility to support parental involvement and never encourage a student to withhold information from their parents. 

Notice of Parental Rights 

The Transylvania County Schools Board of Education values parental involvement and respects the rights of parents in the education and up-bringing of their children. North Carolina General Statute § 115C-76.25 provides a list of parental rights. Pre-existing Board Policy addresses many of these rights. Future changes in Board Policy to address these rights will be added to this notice. Citations to existing Board policies on the same subject matter are included below. 

a. The right to consent or withhold consent for participation in reproductive health and safety education programs, consistent with the requirements of N.C.G.S. § l 15C-81.30. 
Board Policy 3540. 

b. The right to seek a medical or religious exemption from immunization requirements, consistent with the requirements of N.C.G.S. §§ G.S. 130A-156 and 130A-157. 
Board Policy 4110

c. The right to review statewide standardized assessment results as part of the State report card. 
Board Policies 1310/4002.
d. The right to request an evaluation of their child for an academically or intellectually gifted program, or for identification as a child with a disability, as provided in Article 9 of Chapter 115C of the North Carolina General Statutes. 
Board Policies 1310/4002 and 3520

e. The right to inspect and purchase public school unit textbooks and other supplementary instructional materials, as provided in Part 3 of Article 8 of 21 Chapter 115C of the North Carolina General Statutes. 
Board Policy 3210

f. The right to access information relating to the Board's policies for promotion or retention, including high school graduation requirements. 
Board Policies 1310/4002

g. The right to receive student report cards on a regular basis that clearly depict and grade the student's academic performance in each class or course, the student's conduct, and the student's attendance. 

h. The right to access information relating to the State public education system, State standards, report card requirements, attendance requirements, and textbook requirements. 
Board Policies 1310/4002

i. The right to participate in parent-teacher organizations. Board Policy 5010.

j. The right to opt-in to certain data collection for their child, as provided in N.C.G.S. § 115C-76.65. Board Policies 4720.

k. The right for students to participate in protected student information surveys only with parental consent, as provided in N.C.G.S. § 115C-76.65. Board Policies 4720.

l. The right to review all available records of materials their child has borrowed from a school library as set forth in Board Policy 3210.

Community Services

Parent's Guide to Student Achievement

As part of the Parents' Bill of Rights, school districts shall develop and make available a Parent's Guide to Student Achievement addressing requirements outlined in NCGS 115C-76.30.  The Parent's Guide to Student Achievement for Transylvania County Schools is linked below and will be updated as needed. 

Parent's Guide to Student Achievement