Bloodborne Pathogen Training For Employees

Transylvania County Schools requires new employees to receive training for Bloodborne Pathogens. 

In order to receive credit for this training you must-

1.  Watch the video - Bloodborne Pathogen Video

2.  Read the material carefully. - Bloodborne Pathogen Training  

 3.   Please read the Exposure Control Plan - Click here for the Exposure Control Plan

4.  Read the TCS BBP policy- Policy 7260 , Policy 7262 and TCS Communicable Disease Control and Regulations 

5.  Schedule a time with your school nurse to turn in all documents and ask questions. 

6. Please read and fill out the form below. The form has 6 sections:

1. Title
2. Verification Form
3. Refusal of Hepatitis B Vaccine Form
4. Consent for Hepatitis B Vaccine Form
5. Quiz
 6. Meet with School Nurse.

Please read each section carefully and you can only select to refuse or consent to take the Hep B vaccine -NOT BOTH. 

If you have any questions, please call Missy Ellenberger at 828-884-6173