DOT Medical Card Information

DOT Medical Card Information- Please Read Carefully

All new and renewal school bus and activity bus drivers will be required to hold a DOT Medical Card and be certified Non-Excepted Interstate.

  • DOT Medical cards are valid for up to 2 years, depending on the health of the candidate/employee.

  • TCS will pay for the physical.

  • IMPORTANT: Your License is renewed every 3 years.  DOT Medical cards are valid for up to 2 years, depending on the health of the candidate/employee. We have a system in place to keep up with the DOT Medical Card expiration dates. The best case scenario would have you getting another physical 1 year before your driver's license expires.

  • If a driver is unable to obtain a DOT Medical Card (for example insulin-dependent), the driver may apply for a waiver. The forms are located on the DMV website: Medical Review Program. NCDOT will not accept vision waivers.

  • This will be a 2-day process: 

    • Day 1- Get Your DOT Physical

    • Day 2 Visit Drivers License Office to Renew License 

    • Note- We have seen customers that were able to get their physical and license renewed all in one day. This seems to work for customers that can get into the local NCDMV office and not have a wait.


DOT Medical Card and License Renewal Process

 1. Navigate to the Medical Services Applicant Processing Portal via this link

2. You will see the “Welcome!” page and a window entitled “Select Job Type”. Select Bus Driver and Click Next 

3. Enter your information. All fields with a * denote a response is required.

4. Click the Continue button. The screen entitled “Choose your clinic” will appear. Select Pardee Urgent Care and Click the Continue button.

5. A notice will state: “Application Complete”. Click the “Continue” tab. PLEASE READ COMPLETELY, the document that populates on what to expect next.

6. Within 1-2 hours an email will be sent to the email address provided in Step 4. This email will either be from or Note: If the email has not been received within 1-2 hours, please check your junk/SPAM folder. If after this time frame and checking your junk/SPAM     folder you have not received the email, please call 704-237-1095. If you submit your order after our business hours of Monday – Friday 8am-5pm, your order will not be processed until the next business day. If you submit your order after 3 pm on a business day, you may not receive an email until the next business day.

7. Print the necessary authorization and medical forms listed and/or provided in the email. Note: If you do not have access to a printer, please email for assistance.

8. Take the authorization and medical forms that were emailed over to you to Pardee Urgent Care. in step 5.

9. Pardee Urgent Care will complete the physical and hand you a DOT Medical Card.

10. Print off the following document - Medical Certification for Commercial Drivers License

11. Fill out the top portion and check the box for NON-EXCEPTED INTERSTATE

12. Email the Medical Certification for Commercial Drivers License along with a copy of the DOT Medical Card using the instructions at the bottom of the document and wait for 24 hrs before going to the driver's license office. 

13. After waiting 24 hrs go to Drivers License Office and get your license renewed.

14. Once you get your license renewed call or email, Julie Roberts, to set up a time to drive with DMV at the bus garage and receive your pocket card.

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