How to File a Claim for an Athletic Injury

This Plan is a Limited Benefit Secondary Policy!
This plan may not pay 100% of the medical bills for a school injury, or even the balance after your primary insurance pays.
This means two things:
1. The benefit categories have maximum amounts that are paid out; and
2. This plan pays after any Primary Insurance your child may have.

If you have any questions after filing a claim, please call McGriff Insurance at 1.800.476.7339


Link to Insurance Paperwork for 2023-24 Please Print

1. Student MUST see a doctor within 60 days of the injury.

2. Obtain a claim form from the school or the link above. Schools must complete and sign their section of the form. The claim cannot be processed without a school claim form. Schools should maintain a copy of forms.

3. Parents must fill in the remainder of the information on the claim form and SIGN IT. Send the claim form and itemized bills to claim address on the form. Keep a copy of the claim form and all bills.

4. If you have other applicable insurance, you must also file with that company.

5. Once the claim form and itemized bills have been received, McGriff Insurance can process your claim.

6. REMEMBER... Filing a claim after an injury is YOUR responsibility.

7. The School cannot determine if a claim is payable. You must submit a claim form and all necessary documents.