Incident Reporting for Illnesses and Injuries

The purpose of this book is to serve as guidelines for the school health nurse in the case of certain illnesses and injuries. It will also be available to school personnel in the absence of the school health nurse. You will also find illness/injury specific letters that may be sent home with students when the School health nurse is not available.

Please click the link below to access the orders

School Health Standing Orders for Illnesses and Injuries

The form below should be filled out any time a student receives an injury at school that requires first aid and/or results in the student missing at least 1/2 day of school. When it is completed by someone in your school a copy of the report will come to your email as well as to your school nurse's email.  Please store the copy that is generated to your email for your records in the event it needs to be referenced again.

Incident Report for Students

nurse checking on a girl