Welcome to the Technology Department website of Transylvania County Schools.

Technology is central to many- perhaps most- activities/processes in Transylvania County Schools. We are on a continual search for better, more effective ways to accomplish required activities in our system. We recognize that technology provides the avenue for accomplishment of many of these tasks with greater accuracy and more efficiency.

Our goal is to remain in the forefront of technology in our county. We do not choose to use technology for technology's sake. Rather we employ technologies, both emerging and proven, to best accomplish our task of educating the children of Transylvania County.

We explore every avenue possible for funding for the technology needs of our county. One of these funding sources is the Schools & Libraries Commission through the federal erate program. Erate funding is based both on the number of students who apply for Free or reduced price lunch and on the number of students who qualify for this program. Statistical data by school is compiled by the Child Nutrition department. Individual student or family data is not disclosed/confidential. Erate qualifying percentages are based on our system's free & reduced numbers from the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and from overall results of every application/survey turned back in for review. Based on the information that is completed and returned to the Child Nutrition, a summary of numbers of applications returned versus total number distributed is pulled into a database set of survey results for our county for erate qualifying percentages and reporting purposes.